Automated ISR Symposium

Increasing Capabilities for Efficient Data Analysis


February 18-19, 2014

20 F Street Conference Center – Washington, DC

The United States Government’s ISR community (Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement Agencies and Military Services) face a new challenge in media exploitation: technological advancements in collection platforms’ capacity now exceed ISR community intelligence collection requirements.

Across the intelligence community the challenge facing all analysts is the volume of information. DSI’s Automated Intelligence Symposium will provide an updated perspective from critical organizations that require advanced tools and techniques to ensure analysts are able to exploit dramatically increased ISR data.



2014 Speakers Include:


*The Honorable James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence

*LTG Raymond Palumbo, USA, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Warfighter Support and Director, ISR Task Force

*Lt Gen Robert Otto, USAF, Deputy Chief of Staff for ISR, HQAF

*RADM Paul Becker, USN, Director of Intelligence, J2, The Joint Staff

*MG Stephen Fogarty, USA, Commanding General, US Army INSCOM

*RADM Elizabeth Train, USN, Commander, Office of Naval Intelligence and Director, NMIO

*Maj Gen Darryl Burke, USAF, Deputy Director, JFCC-ISR, USSTRATCOM

*Dr. Peter Highnam, Director, IARPA

*Lisa Spuria, Director, Analysis and Production Directorate, NGA

*George Duchak, Director, Information Directorate, AFRL

*Bob Jimenez, Chief Technology Officer, NRO

*Col Mary O’Brien, Vice Commander, Air Force ISR Agency

*COL Charles Wells, USA, Project Manager, DCGS-A

*Dr. Melissa Choi, Assistant Division Head, ISR and Tactical Systems Division, MIT Lincoln Laboratories

Why should you attend the Summit?

Today, the Intelligence Community, DOD, Military Services and Law Enforcement must accelerate the development and fielding of initiatives focused on full-spectrum media exploitation by optimizing the collection, triage, analysis, processing, and dissemination of capabilities in support of current operations to achieve greater automation of intelligence data. To this end, the center of gravity will be to identify parts of the intelligence cycle that are best suited for automation in order to deliver time-sensitive, and relevant intelligence in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

The IC currently relies on automated search tools to examine information in their intelligence databases to identify potentially valuable information. These analytical tools and best practices must be rapidly adopted and implemented across the entire community in order to relieve analysts of the enormous amounts of data that must be analyzed, to answer priority intelligence requirements, and to meet current budget requirements.

DSI’s team specializes in extensive research to develop our Summits’ content and focus areas. We assemble the most respected minds in human and technical intelligence analysis within the ISR community – from key civilian and military policy-makers to operational commanders. Our non-partisan approach allows DSI to successfully bridge political and bureaucratic divides, and assemble a truly holistic group of value-added decision makers and solution providers.

Key areas this symposium will address:


  • The growing demand within the USG’s ISR community for automating intelligence analysis tools.
  • Development and deployment of future fleets of unmanned systems.
  • Challenges that arise from a significant increase in data and bandwidth for real time information.
  • Right-sizing of civilian/military intelligence workforce to the new budget environment.
  • Re-examining analysis requirements which are overwhelming analysts and systems.
  • Interoperability challenges from legacy ISR systems within organizations and across the ISR community.
  • Changing capabilities and requirements of current data analysis and metadata tools.
  • Opportunities for Industry Partnerships within intelligence agencies to accelerate development and fielding of initiatives focused on the automation and optimization of media exploitation.


At our Summit you will have the ability to:

– Gain Education & Insight:  Walk away with knowledge gained from our senior level speakers on some of the complex challenges facing intelligence officers and analyst.

Build Partnerships:The agenda is designed to allow for ample networking opportunities and the ability to discover some the latest technologies of processing, exploitation and dissemination of automated intelligence

– Influence:  Help foster ideas! Share your own insight and knowledge during our interactive sessions. All attendees are given the opportunity to address our speaker faculty with their questions or comments and will receive a pre-Summit questionnaire for precise questions and subject matters you would like our speakers to address.

**For U.S. operating guidelines, we adhere to the most recent standards of the Department of Defense, Office of General Council, Standards of Conduct Office: currently, SOCO ADVISORY 09-03: 7.(a)… purposes of JER 3-211 (a)(7) and The Office of Government Ethics (OGE),OGE Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch: currently 5 CFR part 2635 and 31 U.S.C. 1353 as it pertains to OGE Standards


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2014 Event Participants




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